Sunday, December 14, 2014

Please Pray For My Family

My name is Jessica , I am a recent single mother of six beautiful children , I just gave birth to a little boy September 13 th, he came five weeks premature, and thank god he was healthy for being early, his name is Elijuah, then there is Triniy 1 , Sequoia 3, Roman 7 , Anthony 8 , and Cheyenne 10.

There father recently decided that he didn't want to be a part of our life anymore , I stayed at home while he worked , so now I guess I will have to start looking for work , he left us with pretty much nothing, except the vehicle that we purchased a year ago that would fit our whole family in it! I just recently learned that he took a title loan out on the vehicle and hasn't been making the payments!

So any day they will come and towe it away, no wonder he left me that! There is a payment of almost 2,500 dollars on the vehicle that I have to come up with in order to keep it , it was our only vehicle and I have exhausted pretty much most of my savings already as raising children are expensive if any one can please help me so I can look for work get to and from a job and be able to transport my children I would be so thankful any little bit would help! God Bless