Friday, May 23, 2014


I find it difficult to forgive other when I feel I have been wronged or hurt. Over the years, I have been able to forgive, but each time it seems as if my limits of forgiveness are always being tested.

Now I am having to find the strength to forgive a love one who is very dear to my heart. I feel that I should have some remorse in my heart, for I feel that I always knew deep down that their way of seeing life wasn't necessarily the way God works.

In any case, as I write this prayer request request to forgive others, my burden is being lifted. I know the Lord hears all our prayers since we are told that he is closer than hands and feet. So, the very words in my head are heard and so are my deepest feelings felt as well.

 I have absolute faith in Jesus, to deliver me from all evil and sin. I love thee O'Lord with all my heart and know that with God all things are possible! And all things are possible with him who believes in God. So I call on you for the power to redeem my self and demonstrate how great thou art in this world.