Sunday, January 5, 2014

Money for education purposes

I am a simple poor ukrainian citizen facing hardships in relation with my mother health and the fact that because of political situation in country negatively implies on my salary at workplace. Due to those circumstances, I will be required to live the country to receive degree in recognized university abroad. This step will enables to secure high-quality workplace in my country when it becames a part of European Union or to work in recognized university abroad if nothing in my country will change.

Therefore, after the half of month I will be required to live the country. As the person from lower class I always saving finances my whole life and despite that dreamed to receive a solid high-quality degree in the university of high standing. Now I been accepted to the pathway that will allow me transfer after the first semester of study from Maricopa Community College to the University of Arizona which is the one of the best universities in my field of study that allow me to fulfill goals for me, for my mother and relatives to show them that I capable to accomplish the quickest path to my dream.

Thus, I sincerely believe that this program would be the best choice for me in terms of financial means, quality of education and in terms of future perspective, environment. For visa and ticket purposes I required to have 500$- for a visa application and 900$ for ticket Kharkov (Ukraine)-Phoenix (Arizona,USA).Total-1400$ and 600$ forunforeseen expenses. For my education and living university will cover expencies. As a poor person I simply cannot afford money for this purpose.

 I sincerely beg you to help me. I can show proof in relation of my cicumstances and the fact that I am smart person by providing documents. This is only chance in my lifetime because I can predict clearly the fact that I will not be able to afford money for even application purposes from next year. However, I am sure that degree from university mentioned above can help me to realize my dreams nevertheless of how my fate will turn. I earnestly beg anybody to provide me assistance.

Please pray in earnest to god, that all may be fulfilled in time.