Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Asking for Fellowship

I understand alot of people want the same thing and that some aren't always genuine so why should you donate to me? What makes me different?. Well there are a few reasons that I need money. I am only on a part time job which is frustrating.

I currently live on a friends sofa because I cant afford a place of my own. My mum is terminally ill and I can never afford to go and visit her because she lives in another town and its hard to get too and I also want to go back into education so I can get a better job. Education at 22 is also very costly. Iv had alot of bad experiences in my life and nobody seems to want to help.

Asking for money is something I never intended to do but its something that I need in able to live and do the most important things which I cant afford naturally. I only get £250 per month from my job and £150 of that is rent. The rest is used for food and other products that I need to live. This is a massive struggle and I just don't know what to do anymore.

Benefits are not accessible to me because I have a part time job and they say I'm not entitled to any help. It really is a hard time in my life and iv lost all hope in ever being able to have a good life and a good job without the education that I need. I'm scared ill be struggling for the rest of my life.

 So please help me by asking the Lord to meet all my needs.

 Thanks and god bless