Friday, January 10, 2014

Help Her to Find God

I am sending You a request maybe even a cry for help - the situation is that my friend is pregnant and only some time ago she have got to know that the father of her child is addicted to drugs.

She has already a daughter (7 years old) and a mother who is addicted to alcohol. And no one except me to help her. I from my part i do everything possible too help her, but it`s not enough for all this( I have no parents(both died when i was a teen), and no relatives from whom ask for help.

Flat rent also is to be paid. And i am taking care of 5 pets - 4 dogs and a cat i found and cured in different time of my life. Any help will be appreciated - we feel as in a deep dark hole, please any sum will help, I am begging you from my heart to pray, and help the save one more life in this world.