Monday, December 30, 2013

In Need of Your Thoughts

I'm trying to help my brother. His car just died last night and it's very important that he gets it fixed soon. The car mechanic told him it would be cheaper to buy a new car then to try and fix this one. He needs his car because his job is almost an hour away. My parents mostly help him pay his car and bank loans, but we need to have enough money to pay for ourselves as well.

The reason that he doesn't have a lot of money is because he is in debt in both student and car payments. He was in college a couple years ago but he had to drop out because of a personal reason. He's still trying to pay off his loan he got from the bank to help him pay for the tuition. He even had his own apartment but he kept paying his rent so late, that they had to kick him out.

He lives with my parents and I now, but he still doesn't have enough to support himself even for gas since his paychecks aren't enough. Please help my brother; he doesn't know I'm doing this because he doesn't think people will listen, but I'm going to try... I just really want to help out my older brother because I believe no one should have to live like this, paycheck to paycheck. I just hope someone can help us.

Please, pray for all of us.

No one deserves to live like this.