Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Praying for Your Love

I am a single father who is able bodied and fairly intelligent. I've just come up against misfortune in the midst of helping someone else... See I sold my vehicle to a needy family for next to nothing, yes I struggled with the idea. But I went ahead and decided to help them, and use that bit of money to fix another older vehicle that

was sitting for 5 years with an engine that I purchased used some time ago from a salvage lot.... Well I had the engine put in and bam! The engine is blown it was no good the whole time, so I'm out of my saved funds the car that I practically gave away... And now I'm about to lose the car that was being worked on because I have nowhere to put a non functioning vehicle...

It may seem petty but it is actually puts me in peril. I just passed my Pharmacy tech course, so I'm in transition of positioning myself for better opportunities in life. My 7 year old son is starting a new school that I need to be able to fetch him from. I need $2000.00 to get this engine rebuilt so I can hit the ground running, with no car payment, reliable transportation.

And just not take another great loss... I just need help, someone please consider my plight. and lift this burden from my heart.