Sunday, December 29, 2013

Please help if you can

This letter is really hard to write. After living in my home since 1985, my home is in foreclosure and will be.
I have been ill for the past 13 years and have gone through what many people go through: get a job, get sick, start going to doctors to get well and lose your job and insurance before you get back on your feet.

 The last job I lost, they actually retroactively fired me. All the medical bills that were paid by my insurance are now coming back on me. I can only work part time and I have a daughter in college. This has been the only home she has known and lives with me while attending school. I have a past due balance with the dreaded Bank of America Mortgage Company of $7,124.55 plus the attorney's fees for the foreclosure, The way I plan to keep the mortgage paid if I can raise the money to save our home is to rent out the top floor of my house. I just need at least another two weeks to get it ready and find a tenant.

The rent is $600 and my mortgage payment is $650. I will then be able to afford the payments again. If you can find it in your heart and can afford to help, thank you so very much. If you can't help financially but would still like to help, I accept any and all prayers. God Bless you for reading my story.