Monday, April 16, 2012

Help Me

im living in puerto vallarta mexico, im from england. i was married and had
a wonderful life. then my husband got a girl pregant and now she has my
place. i started a shop last week in the hotel zone, it should work. i hope
to be able to look after myself and my family. although my rent is due in

afew days and i spent everything i had on the shop. my ex husband had
promised to help me but at the last minute said he could not.. and this has
left me in a mess. im gona lose my investment in the shop if i give it up.

but my rent is due.. i have no idea what to do.. i just need a tiny bit of
help. some hope! . i promise this will come back to you. im a true beleaver
iin karma. i am a lucky person. im sure for sure i can send you all my luck
back.. i promise you the best in thoughts. thank you